Saturday, March 17, 2007

More Snow...

It seems like every blog starts with a weather update! We are expecting 10"+ tonight so winter is still alive & well here in NH. I opened the door for Molly to go outside tonight & she ran out a few feet then backed up (didn't even turn around) to go back inside! I think she is over this whole snow thing.

This week I finished my first full-scale grant & the second is being finalized. After another disaster training course on Thursday night, I went to my first fire on Friday. I interviewed two of the people involved & filled out lots of paperwork. The RC does a great job as we were on the scene within a half hour & the people were set up with money for food, clothing, etc. & a hotel room within an hour. It was a great learning experience so I have signed up for the Concord Disaster Action Team (DAT) which means even more opportunities for training.

I hope this finds you in a warmer place with little or no snow on the ground... :)

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