Thursday, March 22, 2007

Game Back On...

I have finally found indoor & outdoor soccer in NH!! I e-mailed someone yesterday & played tonight...the entire 52 minutes of the game (he didn't mention that part in the e-mail). It was around minute 45 that I felt very old & very out of shape. The outdoor teams play high school, college, & us 'older' ladies all on one team so I think I am going to miss the old days of 30+ teams. Guess I will be chasing the young 'uns with a respirator in tow! And my friend kindly offered to send me her inhaler to 'borrow' as needed (guess it's the thought that counts).

It was weird jogging yesterday with shorts on & a foot plus of snow piled up on the side of the road. There is still a good enough base for the ski slopes to be open this weekend so I may get to ski in 50 degree temps. The closest downhill slopes are less than 15 minutes away which will be really nice next season.

Hope everyone is having a nice Spring so far. I will be cheering for UNH in the Frozen 4 this weekend & maybe MSU. It will be just 56 days until I am dragged to Bermuda to serve as a cabana girl for my best friend...but who's counting?

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