Monday, March 19, 2007

Duke, Frozen Four

I just wanted to say thanks to the Duke men's basketball team for bowing out of the NCAA tourney early this year (by losing to VCU). I am sure that Coach K was aware of my inability to watch more than 2 channels so my tourney coverage would be limited at best. It was a very thoughtful gesture & I look forward to watching Duke & CBS during March Madness next year...when Duke wins yet another championship! 1991, 1992, 2001...we are due for another one!

All the best to Michigan State during the Frozen Four though I am secretly cheering for UNH. They get more coverage in our area so their games are easier to watch on TV! There are 2 games in Manchester this Saturday & I hope UNH survives. It's so nice to have hockey - college & pro - get extensive coverage on the news.

We got over a foot of snow on Friday night, Saturday morning but the roads were cleared by Saturday afternoon. There is more of the white stuff forecasted for this evening - only a couple inches though. I think the ski season will last us a while was nice that all the snow waited until I arrived so the slopes would be ready in time.

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