Friday, March 9, 2007

And It's Still Winter

We have experienced record colds here this past week. Most days I leave for work & it's zero degrees or colder then factor in the wind chill & it's well below zero. The high temperature for Tuesday was 9 degrees in the city so it was probably even colder in Hopkinton! They expect it to go up to 40 or 50 degrees by this weekend so I hope my frozen body will have a slight chance to defrost.

I am working on 2 grants right now & both are due on the 15th. There is plenty of stuff for me to do in the coming months so being bored does not seem like a possibility anytime soon. This chapter of the RC currently serves 2/3 of the geographical area of NH so there are many needs that could be met by these grants.

On Sunday, I look forward to celebrating Molly's first anniversary. It was one year ago that I brought her home as a foster dog. She adopted me & then I formally adopted her (as my daughter) a few months later. She has come a long way from the dog that shook in the corner for the first 2 days she was at my apartment...scared & unsure of all the changes...too anxious to eat. I still remember peeking around the corner & nearly crying when she finally ate just a few bites...then she ran away. You would not recognize her as the dog she is today so this is a great thing to celebrate. I think she has dealt with this move far better than expected which relieves her mommy greatly.

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