Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kansas Update

It's been an great experience so far. I consider myself very fortunate to be doing what I love & loving what I do. We are in the process of closing down the branch offices that were open throughout SE Kansas. These were locations for flood victims to come & meet with a RC rep to get assistance. There will be personnel in those areas on a long-term basis to assist as needed. I have not had the chance to see the flood damage as I am based out of Wichita, approximately 1.5-2 hours away from the flooding. The pictures give you an idea of the damage but I can only imagine seeing it in person. It's like the Gulf Coast where the pictures only gave me a slight idea of Hurricane Katrina's impact. What I saw down there was indescribable in many ways & you can not walk away without being impacted in some way. I would appreciate your prayers as this is very taxing emotionally & physically - we are working 12-14 hours per day, 6 days per week, & 6-7 hours on Sundays. Right now I am fighting a cold so they gave me a day off a little early. I am feeling better now & plan to rest today so I can hit the ground running tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has called or e-mailed - it means a lot to me.

The below pics of me & my cell phones - there are 300 from this operation that have to be cleared before going back to RTT HQ - & the yellow/black/brown lines on the house show the levels that the water & oil reached on these homes.

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