Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Update

Wichita is keeping me busy. I expect to be here at least ten more days but that changes by the minute, hour. This has been an exceptional team to work with given their years of experience & willingness to teach. Half of the team will go home this weekend & the rest of us are here for the duration of the DR. We are in the process of transitioning to the long-term recovery phase where small teams of people will be working in the field for an extended period of time until every case is closed. It is helpful to see how these operations function & the overall role of the RC in disasters. I have been extremely impressed so far thus my desire to continue working with the RC next year whether as a RC reservist or based out of a local or the national office. The networking opportunities have been extremely valuable & I have met a number of key people at both of the DRs I have worked. Fortunately I think I am at the tail end of my cold so the day of rest was extremely helpful. We have Sunday off from work but there are no more days off after that. Thanks to everyone for their supportive texts, phone calls, & e-mails.

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