Monday, June 25, 2007

Best Three Things About NH

When I moved her in January they told me the best three things about NH are June, July, & August. That seemed funny & unbelievable back then but now I have to agree. I have finally thawed out from the winter & begun to enjoy all the wonderful flies & mosquitoes. You don't have the oppressive humidity of Washington DC & the nights are quite cool here. There is a lot of outdoor stuff to do around here - beach, hiking, kayaking, Lake Winnipesaukee are all within 2 hours of my home, office. Fortunately, Molly has been doing better so she is able to tag along with me as she loves the outdoors.

Next week will be a few days of R&R in upstate New York. It will nice to have a few days off & Molly will come along with me of course. She is terrible at giving me directions in the car so I will just let her nap on the drive back & forth. Getting lost all the time has nothing to do with me being geographically challenged of course!

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