Wednesday, May 2, 2007


It has been a busy couple of weeks with the flooding in NH. I had the opportunity to see a disaster relief operation (DRO) go from the local RC chapter to the national RC level. They set up an office space & warehouse within 2-3 days with 200+ people coming from all over the country to help in different capacities. I am glad to have experienced this firsthand as I hope to be deployed sometime in the near future. There is still lots of casework & follow up needed though FEMA has FINALLY arrived to give some assistance.

The move went well despite working on the DRO & trying to pack up my things. There is a couple who is renting me an in-law style suite above their garage. They even helped me with the move! There is a person on the disaster team who has taken me under her wing & found me this place. Then she asked family members & friends to let me borrow all kinds of furniture, lamps, etc. to use in the new place - definitely a gift from above.

Molly is doing great at the new place & loves to run around - both inside & outside. Last night I ended up on the rocking chair since she had spread out on the couch for one of her infamous naps! Yes, she pretty much runs the place! The couple I am renting from will be getting a puppy soon named Molly so this should be fun.

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