Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Catching My Breath

It has been an incredibly busy month. I am still unpacking & have a few remaining boxes in my living room. Molly won't know where to take her naps once all the boxes aka hiding spaces are gone!

The flood relief work was an amazing experience. There are still some families needing additional assistance though most of the relief operation has been completed. Another disaster action team member & I have been rounding up furniture & miscellaneous donations for some of the families. There have been 3 floods in New Hampshire during each of the the past 3 years. Many people were just recovering & rebuilding from last year's flood when their home flooded again.

Spring/Summer is finally here which means no more snow, at least for a few months. The weather has been fantastic for the most part. I can't say that I miss the lovely humidity of Washington DC...not yet anyways!

My best friend won a trip to Bermuda & I really enjoyed having some r&r after the flood relief work. It was a great time & now I am ready for hurricane season!!

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