Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's been a really busy week here. The flooding was statewide & the damage is extensive. I had the chance to do casework this week - people come to a RC service center & you speak to them & provide assistance with food & clothing, as needed. There were so many similarities to the people I met in Alabama - lost everything, not sure where they will stay tonight, anxious, frustrated, etc. Many of the people had just finished fixing their house from the 2006 floods. One of the guys I spoke to had just finished repairing the wall board this past weekend then his house flooded again. The National RC has taken over the relief efforts so things should calm down a bit...that's what I have been told anyways. It's a beautiful, sunny weekend in NH at last. I hope to be off work soon & able to take Molly out so we can enjoy this gorgeous weather together.

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