Monday, August 27, 2007

The Queen

I took a road trip this past weekend & realized that I am a well-trained dog owner. It will take a while longer to accept this fact but I know most of you are saying 'it's about time she noticed'! You are a well-trained dog owner when (please note that this list is not all-inclusive): you go away for two days & your dog has more bags & stuff than you; your dog has a wardrobe that requires its own storage area (I will not admit to its size); you come back from a vacation with many things for your dog & nothing for you; you come within seconds of buying a $130 life-size replica of your she has someone to talk to & hang out with during the day; you are not allowed to be on your own in a specialty dog store; your toughest decision at a store is which dog clothing to buy - the baseball jacket or the t-shirt (we picked the jacket); you have a dog clock on your desk on your work & a pillow at home that looks like your dog.

The best part is that I would not have it any other way. Molly had a hard life before she came to me so I think she deserves to live it up during her retirement years. She has thrived during all the changes over these past months & I have loved to watch her change. Instead of running away, she acts as if everyone is there for the sole purpose of petting her. As her dog tag will remind you, she is The Queen after all.

The infamous clock - the tail even wags!

This is what happens when she sees the suitcases. It gets me every time.


Anniebananie said...

didn't you get the memo??? we ARE all here for the sole purpose of petting the Queen!!!

Anonymous said...

But do we need to remind her of this? She already uses it against me in order to get belly rubs...reminding me that I am graced just to have her in my presence!