Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back To Reality

I have been back in NH for over a week now. It takes time to get caught up on your sleep, re-adjust, come down from the adrenaline, etc. Molly has not exacted her revenge on me YET for leaving her. I remember not-so-fondly the rather sizable 'gift' she left on my living room floor when I returned from Alabama.

There is a lot of grant writing, research, etc. in the near future. It is weird to think about the end of my VISTA year coming up in January already but that seems to come up daily in discussions. My two primary goals with the RC are to submit grants this year & to develop a grants plan for the coming years.

I am almost at the 7-month mark & the time has flown by so quickly. Nearly all my expectations for this year were surpassed by the 3-month mark which is truly a blessing. I look forward to the opportunities ahead with some anxiety and lots of excitement. The goal of a better life for me & Molly seems attainable though Molly seems more focused on her napping schedule & giving pitiful looks for belly rubs than anything else. Yes, I am a well-trained dog owner & proud of it!

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Anniebananie said...

Yes, you are a well trained dog owner. BTW, how does Molly like her bowls decorated by the kids?