Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Southern Girl Frozen In The North

Winter has officially arrived in NH. The high today was in the teens...with the wind chill it's WICKED cold. I have a lovely office right next to the door so every time it opens I am reminded of my northern surroundings! This has not impacted my intake of ice cream though.

I opened the door this morning for Molly to go outside & she put her head & 1 foot out the door then gave me a look of "Are you crazy? I'll just hold it!" She has done quite well on our hikes & is getting lots of use out of her sweaters though.

A couple of you asked about the food stamps I mentioned in my last blog. VISTAs serve at the income level of the people they serve. Food stamps are a part of that & you learn to live accordingly. Things like cable TV & the Internet have become a luxury. I have gone from 100+ channels to 2 fuzzy ones. Molly will be learning lots of new tricks this year, whether she wants to or not!

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