Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cold Much?

We have a rare event today - it's over 32 degrees!! The foot of snow was cleared easily within a day whereas DC would have been closed for a week & there would have been widespread panic. Fortunately, there are a couple co-workers who have offered to help me out with rides since I probably wouldn't make it up or down my driveway if there's a huge snow storm.

The job is still going well & I am learning a lot about the RC & non-profit world. I have several more training opportunities - both in the classroom & outdoors training - which will take up most of my weekends through April if I choose to do it.

The program I am in has been really helpful to network with other VISTAs who are going through this year with me. It gives us a chance to meet & commiserate, support one another, hang out, find good deals on stuff, etc. One girl even offered to teach me how to make a Ramen noodle casserole - I said thanks but no thanks! I have learned a number of LEGAL ways to get free food & stretch out your dollars. You can only imagine how creative people have become using their mind, a lot of Ziploc baggies, & clothing with big pockets!!

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Cathy said...

Hey woman! We're PROUD of our wimpy snowbird abilities down here in the south! At least we get off work! :-) Your HART buddies miss you. Are you coming to the Art Auction?